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High Performance Thermal Control System Supporting -55℃~+150℃

  • Solving thermal management issues under reliability test environment for electronic devices
  • Controlling device temperature by transferring heat directly to DUT through thermal stage
  • SDK manage designing of the total system from thermal to mechanical (test stage/fixture), realizing the best optimized system.


Basic System Configuration
Power Transistor Socket


Example of thermal stage customization
Assembled with QFP socket


Application Example

Merits of the Windless Thermostatic Chamber NEW!

Air convection is avoided to prevent uneven temperatures


Because traditional thermostatic chambers suppose various uses other than for electronic parts, they are large and expensive. In order to maintain a temperature within a large chamber, air convection is constantly performed, but this also causes uneven temperatures.

A margin of error of roughly ±5℃ is standard, and costs were high in order to create a design margin supposing a maximum margin of error of 10℃.
In order to maintain the same temperature for the ceiling, side walls, and bottom surface using heat conduction, the "Windless Thermostatic Chamber" has achieved a windless space.

A temperature unevenness of roughly ±5℃ can be measured at a high precision of ±0.5.


Waiting time is reduced greatly to improve productivity


By preparing the temperature of a metal sheet with high heat conductivity, the space reaches the set temperature rapidly.


Normally, a long period of 90-120 minutes was necessary for temperature changes, but the "Windless Thermostatic Chamber" greatly reduces this time to 6-10 minutes, significantly improving productivity.


A temperature range of -55℃ - 250℃ is realized stably


In accordance with the necessary temperature zone, the heating methods and cooling capabilities are optimized.
Temperature zones required for car electronics and power devices can be achieved. It can be used in evaluation testing for power devices, such as the following.


Power Cycle Test Repeatedly put voltage and current loads
Temperature Cycle Test Repeatedly put high and low temperature loads
Burn In Screen the initial error under high temperature
Low Temperature Function Test Test its function under low temperature


Temperature preparation while absorbing sample heat generation is possible


Because temperature preparation uses the Peltier element, temperature preparation while absorbing sample heat generation is possible.


Low vibration


The Peltier element, which is a temperature preparing module, differs from compressor types using gas, as it uses electricity for heat transfer. Depending on the direction of the electricity flow, one side heats up and the other side cools down, making it possible for precise temperature preparation to be performed with low vibration and rapid response speed.

Also, with the Peltier module, heat regulation is performed by flowing the necessary electricity in the necessary direction, there is little waste, resulting in lower electricity costs and conservation of energy.


User Benefits

  • Compact, desktop style, light weight(20kg)
  • Little noise and vibration, not requiring compressed air
  • Reduction in operation cost, achieving 1/16 reduction
    (14,400W->900W) in power consumption in comparison
    with conventional massive thermal controllers and compressors
  • Increased productivity realized by significantly reduced set-up time for controlled temperature.


Basic Specifications


Outer Dimensions

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